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How to Build Peachy Glutes


Oct 16, 2022

It’s still a widespread trend on social media that booty bands will give you perfectly peachy glutes.

Will a band help you to make remarkable booty gains and give you the best bang for your buck?

No, and here’s the reason why:
​Too little mechanical tension + lack of progressive overload

​A burning feeling in your muscle isn’t a sign of effective training. There are many exercises that create a sensation or “feeling” in a muscle, but that does not mean that you are creating significant tension in your muscle. This leads to the ‘feeling’ that your glutes are working, but there is a lack of proper stimulus for muscle growth.
Furthermore, your glute muscles need to be challenged over time. That means you need to progressively overload them so that they keep growing.

Moreover, to target your glute max (which is the biggest muscle of your boot-ey), you need to train hip extension. Putting a band around your knees lead to more abduction which limits the power output for hip extension (which is the whole point of glute training).

What you need instead to train your glutes effectively:

1. Exercise Selection
There is not ONE best exercise to train your glutes. You always want to make sure that you are targeting the glute muscles with an exercise selection that challenges your glutes in a shortened as well as lengthened position.

Here are my personal top three:

Romanian Deadlift – lengthened position
Glute Bridge – shortened position
Incline Hip Extension – mid-range & shortened position

2. Exercise Execution​
In order to target your glute muscles, it’s important to keep control over your pelvis and rib cage positioning.

What you need to make sure is that you keep your rib cage stacked over your pelvis and prevent your lumbar spine to extend. Otherwise, you are training mainly your lower back instead of your glutes.

3. Load AKA Weight
If you want to grow muscles, you need to get stronger over time.

That means adding more and more weight to the barbell, week after week.

If you are still using the same weight as when you started training two years ago, you are not training, you are practicing. Keep track of your progression by writing every session down and challenge yourself like a queen!

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