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How To Know If You Really Built Muscles

Jan 22, 2023

Building muscles is the hardest and slowest part of transforming the way you look.

For this reason, it should be where you put the most time & effort.

Most women are a bit anxious about building muscles because it means gaining weight.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this exact feeling.
I certainly have:

You step on the scale and there is a new number.
A number you’re not used to.
A number that has never been there before.
A number that makes you question your process.

You feel discomfort because you are not really sure if this weight gain is…

too fast?
too much?
mostly body fat?
or actually, muscle gain?

You know that getting bigger muscles is an absolutely necessary part of the process of transforming the way you look.

Here’s how you make sure the weight you’re gaining is mostly muscle mass:

You get stronger every damn week
You can add weight every week to your exercises, do more volume, or do both.

You are getting heavier
If this is the first time you are going through a building phase, gaining 1% of your body weight per month is a good rate. If you are more advanced around 0,5% of your body weight is good.

Your body measurements go up where you want to grow
Like your legs & booty – but don’t change (or minimal change) where you don’t want to grow – like your waist and lower belly.

Your clothes fit differently
Typically, your jeans get tight around your thighs and bum but remain loose around your belly.

Your look changes
On one hand, you’ll get a bit softer & lose some definition. On the other hand, you’ll see “new” muscles appear. Learning how to pose can be a big game changer here so that you are able to see better the shape you’re creating.

Building muscles is not easy and can be even scary if you do this on your own.

With all that said, the most important factor to make sure you’re growing is to train with the right intensity following a structured training program.

You’ve already tried multiple training programs, but couldn’t create the shape you’re after?

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