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What It Is About To Be “NORMAL”?

Apr 2, 2023

This is actually not ok.
I know this is something you’ve experienced. We pretty much all have, or at least we’ve seen it happen.

The ton of chocolate at Christmas;
The Mai Tai that becomes two Mai Tai that becomes 3,4,5 Mai Tai during the happy hour;
The pack of chips that goes down in 2 minutes after work because lunch was skipped;
The daily Ice Cream in Summer, that goes on in the fall, winter, spring, oh! We’re back in summer already?

The list goes on and on. There are countless situations, where we just grossly devour a TON of calories.

Not only is this very common, but it is also normal. A normal behavior means that it is fully accepted by society as a typical thing to do.

It means that the norm is to do things that lead to a decrease in health & vitality. I’m not even talking about what it means to the way we look and how this is connected to our self-worth.

This is a big problem.
It is a big problem that the norm is to stuff ourselves with foods & drinks that are not designed to support our health.

It is even more problematic that people feel entitled to push this on others that want to have it a different way – people that don’t want to get crazy on the chips, beers, toffifee, and whatnot.
Oh, and I forgot about smoking & the big lack of physical activity!

We could go into the numbers of it here, the negative impact of those norms on our society as a whole.

But if you read this, you most likely don’t belong in the norm – at least in a few different ways. And I know it happened to you that someone pushed one of those normal, unhealthy behaviors on you.

Because of their lack of commitment to their health and basically to themselves, because of their fears of not fitting in, because it’s normal.

And it’s not easy. It’s not easy to keep your standards high and go against the grain. I get that.

This is exactly the reason I have this message for you today.
It is short, but this is why it is so powerful.

And I want you to remember this every time you’re faced with a decision that either supports your health or does not.
A decision that helps you strengthen your commitment to yourself.
A decision that might be unpleasant in the very short-term, but that you know deeply you’ll be grateful to have made.

This is the message:

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