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The Challenge In Every Cutting Phase

Apr 16, 2023

In the past weeks I’ve reflected a lot on my process over the past 3 years and here are some of my thoughts about going through the body transformation cycle that I wanted to share with you.

One cycle of body transformation contains a
👉🏼 cutting phase
👉🏼 reverse diet and
👉🏼 building phase.

Those three phases are needed to transform the way you look.

Going through each phase brings up different challenges.

I can remember my first cutting phase (May 2020 – Sept 2022).
Not a fad diet. Not a yoyo-diet.
But a real cutting phase with a start and end date, a coach by my side who guided me on my way, and sustainable results.

The challenge was nailing my macro + step goals for longer than 8 weeks straight, implementing 5 training sessions a week plus cardio if needed.

It was a grind for sure to prioritize and organize everything.
But I made it because I had an amazing coach who pushed and believed in me.

I also remember how I said to myself:
WOW. You’ve done a really good job and have worked very hard.

I thought this is it.
This is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

But then there was my second cutting phase (Feb 2022 – Sep 2022).
Longer and harder than anything before.

Looking back at the first cut I think it was easy in comparison to the second one.

And that’s the thing:
Each completed cycle lifts your standard.
And that means that the next cycle will be even more challenging.
On another level.

It’s the same when you think of your training.

In the beginning, you think that as you get more experienced it gets easier because you are becoming a well-trained athlete. When in reality sitting in the Leg Press and increasing the weight get’s more and more challenging.

Can you see the parallel here?

The thing that got easier in my second cut was the execution itself – nailing my macros, steps, training, and recovery. It’s the same when you don’t have to think about your technique on the Leg Press when working hard.

But that also means that now is the time to focus on the intensity and the effort you bring to each training session.

The same goes for your nutrition, training, and recovery in a cutting phase.

I’ve gone through a mental grind.
I’ve been hungry for a lot of days.
I’ve pushed even harder in training.
I’ve lowered my body fat to the lowest ever.
I’ve created a shape I’ve never seen before.

But therefore I came out of this cut as a person that has overcome obstacles, failure, and fear.
I’ve not only built my best physique to date, but I’ve outgrown myself and strengthened the dedication to myself and my journey even more.

The grind has transformed into pride, growth, resilience, and power.

And I hope for you, that if you committed yourself to a never-ending journey of growth and self-development, you realize that things will not get easier BUT that the reward and the results will be life-changing and make you a better person day after day.

Love & Strength

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