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Health Is Expensive, Isn’t It?

Apr 23, 2023

Money is funny. It seems like either you worship it, or it’s the devil in person.

But regardless of how you perceive money, there are two things that are certain about it:

  1. The way you spend money is extremely telling about what you value in life.
  2. The way you spend money is strongly influenced by the education you received and your cultural upbringing.

This means that for most of us, spending money on fitness is seen as trivial, when not just plain wrong.

Today, I want to challenge this idea.

As I’ve said before, fitness in general and looking your best is about much more than just pleasing your ego. You may not agree fully here, which I can understand.

But where there’s no room for discussion is the impact that fitness has on your health – and looking your best plays a BIG part here, make no mistake about it.

There are a lot of statistics that I could unpack here to make my point, but I’ll keep it short: the number one killer in the world is heart disease.

And you know what helps against this? Getting fitter, especially reducing body fat.

Now, you might not know this, but your body stores body fat around your organs, and this is not good news for your health.

And in the process of losing that fat that is hidden inside your body, you will lose the fat that is under your skin.

This only means one thing: getting fitter to get better is the way to get healthier.

Here’s the thing that drives me nuts in that story.

We know that heart disease kills.

We know that reducing body fat helps BIG TIME to prevent heart disease.

Yet, we still manage to consider proper training and healthy eating abnormal.

And mostly, we still consider those 2 things to be expensive 99 % of the time.

So next time you’re ready to drop some cash on a new phone, a new TV, a new purse, or a new car, remember that you are, in fact, valuing those things more than your heart.

Sounds brutal, I know.

But, that’s the way it actually is. And if you truly value your health & your look, then make sure your financial decisions reflect it.

Talk to you soon,


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