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Why Most Women Never Achieve Their Dream Physique

Apr 30, 2023

September 2020.

It was the moment I finished my first real fat loss phase that I celebrated with my first ever bikini photoshoot. A really exceptional feeling, but that’s a story for another day.

What I want to share with you today and what I realized 2 years ago is something a lot of you don’t want to hear.

Building your dream physique takes years.

It takes years when you’re working with a coach.
It takes even longer when you’re doing everything on your own – granted you are doing the right things for your training + nutrition.

You’ll need to go through multiple fat loss and building phases.

And that’s exactly what I realized at that moment finishing my fat loss phase and getting into my first building phase.

All the hard work I’m doing day in and day out is something that needs to be part of my life if I want to go successfully through this multi-phase journey.

Tracking my food intake.
Taking care of my recovery.
Training consistently with the right intensity.

This is not gone once you are done with your diet.

And here’s where most women go wrong (and maybe you are one of them):

They are going all in for their fat loss phase but the true work begins after you’ve lost the weight.

This is the moment where you need to show up with the same discipline as in your fat loss phase and stick to your macro goals…

  1. to have a successful reverse diet back to your maintenance calories and
  2. to keep your body fat gain low while going into a surplus

And this is the hard part.

You need to be damn consistent and disciplined for a longer time (min. 6 months) without seeing the immediate results.

While you’re in a fat loss phase you will have these little win moments every time you step on the scale.

While you’re in a building phase you won’t have these moments. And to be honest: You’ll probably not have that kind of moment until your next fat loss phase is over and you can actually SEE the shape you’ve created.

It’s called delayed gratification.

“The act of resisting temptations and focusing on long-term benefits instead.”

If you want to build an outstanding physique, this is the mindset shift you need to make today.

Are you the woman that gives up on her long-term goal easily?
Or are you ready to do the work consistently that will pay off 12-18 months from now?

Love & Strength

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