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How NOT to look skinny fat

May 21, 2023

When it comes to improving your body composition most of us are immediately thinking about dieting ergo eating less calories than your body requires.

And while dieting is an important part in the process of losing body fat, it’s not the tool you need to get the look you are after.

When your body is holding more body fat, your muscle looks like the picture on the bottom right. Even when you are thin, you can have muscles that are streaked by fat and then you are not looking toned but just slim (or as some are calling it skinny-fat).

What we want to achieve through strength training is making your muscles look like the picture on the bottom left, because:

  1. A lean muscle is metabolically healthier and more active. Which leads to a higher relative basal metabolic rate (BMR). Means you need and can eat more calories to sustain your weight. #win
  2. A lean muscle which is trained is able to store up to 3x more carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. This leads to the fact that you are able to eat more carbohydrates when you have muscles that are conditioned. #doublewin

When choosing strength training as tool we are striving for the following long-term outcomes:

  1. increasing your lean muscle mass, which will give you a toned body
  2. increasing your ability to eat more calories
  3. increasing your muscles ability to utilize carbohydrates as fuel
  4. increasing your energy levels
  5. increasing your ability to get stronger and train with effort and intention

and finally becoming a badass and strong superwoman!

That’s why it’s important to place a very big focus on your training performance. You need to be able to train with a very good technique, so that you can load exercises with a lot of weight, so you can create tension in your muscles and therefore stimulate muscle growth.

Where most women go wrong: They don’t take their training performance serious enough and are thinking just going to the gym and training regularly will lead to results.

Sorry, but nope.

If you want to have outstanding results, you need to show outstanding effort and a high work-mentality to make your dreams come true.

It’s exactly what I teach my women inside Women Strength Society.

The coaching is built to show you what you are really capable of and push you to train on another level.

This leads to building a body that not only looks good but is strong as hell and you are very proud of.

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Love & Gainzzz


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