aka dragongirl aka BOSSBABE of women strength society

I’m a strength coach + entrepreneur + athlete + worldclass chocolate gourmet + sneakersfreak.
I love to keep my Google Calendar tidy AF while drinking a strong Italian double espresso and enjoying the sun.

I'm a Health & Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer based in Berlin who loves to dance to Queen B tunes in her kitchen and eat salted caramel ice cream (or chocolate). 

Back in 2016, I went from a full-time party girl to a sports enthusiast. 
I was so sick of hangovers, feeling much older than I was, and not being able to wear my favorite clothes, that I took an U-turn.

I felt so in love with training & nutrition that in 2017, I quit my deadly boring office job.

A journey full of questions
marks began...

on my way to transform my body and life:

Those are the core values and the heart of my coaching.

Constantly surrounded by systems, diets and trends I needed to fit into, I was never able to find the way I needed to train, eat, and recover that fitted ME.

To offer the truest version of body transformation that doesn’t rely on quick-fixes but on principles, I’ve built Women Strength Society:

A coaching for women that are all about real talk, the power of knowledge, commitment, and action-taking.

When I’m not sitting in front of the laptop creating content for the Gram (I love to design pretty little things) and coaching my strong girl squad, I’m dancing to 90’s R’n’B in the kitchen while my man Yannick is cooking some delicious food.

I love watching movies, have a passion for jewellery (I even was a goldsmith with my own jewellery brand some years ago) and can't stop thinking about which next project to plan. No matter if it's the next trip with my man, how to rearrange the fridge or redesign the interior for our flat.  

and now...

For the woman who feels she works her ass off in the gym, but doesn't see the results. Learn how to train with intensity and pick the right weights.

FREE 4-week training program included.



There are THOUSAND different calorie calculators out there but they all have one thing in common: they leave you guessing about your daily activity level.

Our calculator is different.