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When To Do A Mini-Cut

Dec 11, 2022

Before we answer this question, let’s first off define what a mini-cut really is:

  • it’s a very aggressive cut (1.000kcal deficit)
  • in a very short time frame (3-6 weeks)

The goal is to have a weekly weight loss of 0.75-1.25% off your bodyweight.

This will put you in most cases in a 1.000kcal reduction of calories to achieve that high rate of loss.

In a normal dieting phase, we are aiming to have a rate of loss between 0.5-1.0% in a much longer time frame (6-12 weeks).

So the next question is:

When is the right time to do a mini-cut?

There are two scenarios where I would implement a mini cut for a client:

Potentiate muscle gains

  • Losing body fat that quickly sets you up to gain even more weight after the mini-cut. It should be used to potentiate your muscle gains after the short diet where we bring the body fat percentage down to make more room for muscle growth. It also helps you to increase your insulin sensitivity which makes mass gaining more effective. And last but not least cutting out that many calories help to bring back appetite and hunger in a building phase. While building you will eat a ton of food, forgetting what hunger even means. Taking psychologically speaking a break from eating that much food, can help you to eat more food after the cut.

Improve aesthetics

  • This one is pretty simple: If you badly want to improve your aesthetics during a building phase, a mini-cut can be an option. Maybe you have a photoshoot or special event coming up, where you want to look leaner.

When and how NOT to use mini-cuts

A mini-cut is not equally a real cutting phase just shorter. It has nothing to do with long-term sustainable fat loss. Therefore don’t try to use mini-cuts here and there to bring your body fat quickly down. It will backfire for sure because mini-cuts help you to gain even more mass after the cut instead of keeping the weight gain off.

If you want to bring body fat down and keep it off, do a regular cutting phase.

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